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All of the Association’s activities are carried out on an unpaid basis by the 18 board members of the Association.

Ongoing activities and functions include:

Contact and service point for all those involved in the film and TV industry

Swift reaction to problems within the Austrian filmmaking field

Networking to bring together those affected by problems, formulating possible solutions and working towards the achievement of formulated aims

Keeping the representatives of the nine professional groups forming the Association informed and coordinating them for joint decisions

Maintaining and improving the conditions for a professional audiovisual structure in Austria

Making Austria an active centre of film

Improving the social situation of Austrian filmmakers with regard to their special working situation

Maintaining contact with politicians, social partners and the media

Responding to proposed laws affecting film

Lobbying for the improvement of the political framework for film

Providing filmmakers with information and advice in matters concerning social and labour laws, as well as giving advice about career opportunities in film and the possibility of further training and education

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